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Mother of God: The Trip

Meet the people and places and creatures that started it all
16 Days
Trip Type
? Our expeditions have rudimentary level of confort. Our camp base is remote in the wilderness and so you should be prepared to be away from cellular network and WiFi, with sporadic access to electricity during your stay.
Activity Level
? You do moderate activities throughout the expedition. You should be in good health and physically active. Daily activities may include hiking, boat rides, swamp exploration, wildlife viewing and more.
Group Size
5 - 12
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Expedition Overview

Rainforest Views from the Plane

This trip will include three separate locations:

The pristine jungle of the Las Piedras River

Las Piedras

The Las Piedras watershed is located in the sacred headwaters of the Amazon Basin, the system that contains 1/5 of our planet’s fresh water, produces 1/5 of global oxygen, sequesters a substantial amount of the world’s carbon, and is home to more biodiversity and threatened cultures than anywhere else on earth. Here you will have access to places no one has ever set foot. Where the quiet thrumming of the forest is a roar of life. The Amazon is also home to trees, streams, waterfalls, wildlife, and more stars in the sky than you have ever seen before! It is in this incredible, life-altering abundance that you will have the chance to become immersed in nature at a level rarely felt. At a remote research station, participants will be immersed in pristine forest, a biological reservoir of unmatched diversity, beauty, and of course, ADVENTURE!  

See where the Giant Anacondas Breed

Floating Forest

The Native community of Infierno is comprised mainly of people from the Ese-Eja tribe. The community is located about two hours from the city of Puerto Maldonado, and straddles both sides of the Tambopata River. A very special ecosystem we will have access to is the Floating Forest, which is known to be the home to giant anacondas reaching over 20 feet in length. Our focus in this area will be looking for anacondas.  

Boriam Valera, our conservation success story on the Malinowski River

Malinowski River

Illegal gold mining in Peru is a major problem. Just Google it. The devastation can be seen from space as a scar across the Amazon – over 350,000 acres have been lost. And because the gold in this part of Peru comes mixed in with the sediment, miners have to cut down forest, burn it, suck up the earth, and then use mercury to separate the gold from the soil. It’s a horrendous process that completely annihilates forest, wildlife, and poisons the land forever in the process. 

I traveled to the Malinowski River to better understand what was happening. What I found is that the miners killing the forest weren’t doing it because they were ‘bad guys’, but because there were no other options for work. This began the collaboration that lead to this trip. All around the mining camp I saw incredible and unexplored lakes. Streams that wound through the jungle. There were signs of anacondas, jaguars, and macaws in the air. All of this could be lost if the forest was cut. And so began the process of talking to the miners. I spoke to them, showed them photos, and got some friends to vouch for me. 

A year later, the miners have shut down their operation. What have they been doing since? 

Building accommodations for visitors. That’s right. These miners, who were about to destroy an entire river, stopped and went for ecotourism because we asked them to...
Because they believe in a better future for themselves. 

Because even illegal gold miners care about the earth and will do the right thing if given the chance. 

This is your chance to actively take part in Rainforest Conservation. Come explore the lakes and streams, help us compile a species list! This is a whole new river, whole new chapter, and the chance to do something positive for the local people. In the process, you joining this trip will help to protect hundreds of acres of wild, primary forest that is packed with wildlife! 

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Mother of God: The Trip
Meet the people and places and creatures that started it all
New dates soon.
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