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Singinawa Jungle Lodge & Kanha Tiger Reserve

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10 Days
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? Our expeditions have rudimentary level of confort. Our camp base is remote in the wilderness and so you should be prepared to be away from cellular network and WiFi, with sporadic access to electricity during your stay.
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? You do regular activities throughout the expedition. You should be in good physical condition. Daily activities may include hiking, boat rides, wildlife viewing and more.
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Expedition Overview

About the Trip:

India has consistently been one of the most exciting and exotic destinations on earth. The culture, food, wilderness, wildlife, and other-worldly feel of this country is intoxicating to experience. India is also a country that is difficult to travel to alone. With TWENTY-FIVE national languages and so many diverse regions and cultures, it can be overwhelming. That is why we are offering this immersive trip that will allow you to experience culture, food, adventure and wildlife all with local families, experts, and the comfort that will allow you to truly breath in the magnificent surroundings. This is a chance to see a whole different way of life, and to experience things that very few people have access to. This is our most exciting new trip because it fits into the core of what Tamandua hopes to proved: a trip that will change your life.

Immerse yourself in India's light.

India has become world renowned for it’s leadership in tiger conservation. In 1900 there were over 100,000 tigers on earth. Today there are less than 4,000. Spread out across Southeast Asia and Russia the world’s remaining tigers are on the brink of extinction throughout most of their range. But not in India. For several decades the Indian government, citizens, and conservation groups have battled hard to bring the tiger back to healthy numbers. Tamandua is proud to work with the Indian conservation community and Tiger Reserve network because supporting the wildlife-tourism industry means ensuring the long-term viability of tiger habitat. And by protecting the iconic tiger, we protect myriad other species and life forms and countless acres of forest and wild land. That’s why they call tiger’s an umbrella species — if you can protect them, you can protect the birds, the deer, and the rest of the forest. During this week with expert Naturalists as your guides, you’ll have access to the stunning landscape of the Indian wild, and become a part of protecting some of the most stunning species on our planet.

Day 1
Arrive in Nagpur, India (airport code NAG) to meet the group. We would like everyone to arrive early (between 7 – 8 AM) to meet up for transportation to the jungle lodge. The car ride is roughly 5 – 6 hours to Singinawa Jungle Lodge where everyone will receive a brief orientation and check into their rooms. Later in the afternoon the group will have a briefing about the safaris taking place during the week, ending the night with a delicious dinner.

India's King of the Jungle

Day 2 – 6
Now that you are in Central India, you have access to the largest remaining population of endangered Bengal tigers in the world. The focus and main event of each day will be the safari rides into Kanha National Park. During these rides the jeeps will take the group through breathtaking jungle, giving everyone the opportunity to see wildlife such as tigers, deer, bison, peacocks, and so many more animals. For each ride you will be paired with an expert Naturalist who will explain the history, stories, and importance of the wilderness around you. They’ll be able to spot things most people would never see. And they know how to track tigers. You’ll have to remember that this is the wilderness and no sightings are guaranteed. Some days the jungle will be generous, other days it will keep you wanting more. But one thing is for sure – you’ll have the best possible chance of seeing wild tigers that there is! 

*Some safaris will take place in the early morning or afternoon throughout the week. Bring your cameras and get ready for unbelievable wildlife sightings!

Learn local customs and traditions while impact conservation projects


The group will be staying at the Singinawa Jungle Lodge, located in forested land next to the Kanha Tiger Reserve. This trip will be a perfect mix of luxurious accommodations and amenities and an incredible wildlife reserve. 

The accommodations have large bedrooms, private verandas, en-suite bathrooms, mini bars, air conditioning, and WiFi. There is a swimming pool on the property to relax and cool off during your free time. 

There is a huge dining area located at the lodge featuring multiple dining options and a bar where guests are served with a variety of continental and Indian cuisine, fresh and home cooked food. The kitchen uses the fresh organic produce from its farms to give guests authentic and delicious meals

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Singinawa Jungle Lodge & Kanha Tiger Reserve
Explore in Comfort
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