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Tamandua Premium: Lago Soledad Luxury

See an Ancient Oxbow Lake from the Comfort of your Private Cabin
01/07/23 to 01/14/23
7 Days
Trip Type
? Our expeditions have rudimentary level of confort. Our camp base is remote in the wilderness and so you should be prepared to be away from cellular network and WiFi, with sporadic access to electricity during your stay.
Activity Level
? You do regular activities throughout the expedition. You should be in good physical condition. Daily activities may include hiking, boat rides, wildlife viewing and more.
Group Size
Expedition Overview
Some people like to be comfortable in the wild. 

At Tamandua we are best known for our hands-on, in-the-mud, adventure trips. But this trip seeks to unlock another aspect of the Amazon. We chose this location for its unique blend of extreme remoteness, combined with the uniquely luxurious setting. This is partly the result of working with National Geographic photographers, TV film crews, and other clients who want to be able to get premium wildlife viewing while also having the most comfortable accommodations. 

On this experience you’ll see the Amazon like a classical explorer. We have boats with forward facing, cushioned seats. You’ll stay in private bungalows. You’ll be deep in the Las Piedras River, but still have access to bathrooms, showers, air-conditioning, and wifi. Literally just outside your window is a massive oxbow lake where endangered species play: giant river otters, black caiman, macaws, turtles and hundreds of other species. 

Paddle the still waters of our Oxbow Lake
This is your chance to visit the Amazon in style. Our expert guides will take you through the various ecosystems, extensive trails, and stunning vistas. Our local chefs will feed you delicious Peruvian and international cuisine. You will have the chance to spend time in the canopy – there is a 600 year old ironwood tree with a comfortable, stable viewing platform. If you would like to paddle, you can explore the lake at dawn to get up close to wildlife. This trip is unlike any other we offer but still maintains the Tamandua commitment to bettering the places we go. By joining this trip you are helping to support a massive reserve of protected forest that depends on your visit. 

Tamandua Premium: Lago Soledad Luxury
See an Ancient Oxbow Lake from the Comfort of your Private Cabin