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Wings of the Amazon: Expedition Entomology

Follow Natural History Photographer and Entomologist Matthew Nochisaki and discover incredible insects in the Amazon Rainforest
03/09/24 to 03/15/24
7 Days
Trip Type
? Our expeditions have rudimentary level of confort. Our camp base is remote in the wilderness and so you should be prepared to be away from cellular network and WiFi, with sporadic access to electricity during your stay.
Activity Level
? You do regular activities throughout the expedition. This trip is accessible to everyone!
Group Size
Expedition Overview
About your Guide:

Matthew Nochisaki is an Entomologist, natural history photographer, and all around tropical biologist with a dedication for unveiling the mysteries of the natural world. His main focus is on the unknown lives of insects and their behaviors and mimicry. Matthew has devoted most of his life teaching the importance of insects and other misunderstood organisms. His main fields of expertise include the iconic hooded mantises, rainforest katydids, and neotropical moths and their respective caterpillars. You will venture into the immaculate Amazon ecosystems in pursuit of finding the elusive Bushmaster, Spiny devil katydids, and the Moss mimic stick insect, among countless other species. If there is an insect you want to photograph or just get a closer look at, your  dedicated guide Matthew will be able to find it. Prepare for an overwhelming amount of biodiversity each night, experiencing the Amazon like never before, learning alongside your enthusiastic guides.
Matthew Nochisaki
Day 3-6: Discover Stunning Entomological Diversity
3/11/24-3/14/24: The jungle begins to wake up just as the sun rises. You will have the opportunity to go on a morning walk and enjoy the sounds of the forest on most mornings of the trip. Those who choose to go on a morning walk will eat breakfast upon returning to the station after a morning on the trails. 
Each day Matthew will provide a short talk/ presentation on a different entomological topic, such as insect behavior, how to find certain species, photographing insects, different methods of attracting them, etc.

Eumorpha labruscae

Day Activities:
Coming to the rainforest means that you are at the whims of Mother Nature. That is why Tamandua Expeditions guides aim to customize activities based on the weather conditions, group dynamics/interests, and special conditions of the season. Daylight hours are the perfect time to swim, hike, fish, and explore the thousands of acres of rainforest protected by Junglekeepers.
No matter the day, our guides will ensure that each available hour is packed with entertainment, education, and exploration.
Lunch happens around noon. The jungle can take a lot of energy out of you. That is why we provide you with nutritious, regionally specific meals that are catered to educate you about local culture while also fueling your body for the day and night ahead.

More activities in the afternoon. Then dinner which will be a good time to unwind and talk with everyone, hear ideas of what the guests would like to experience on their trip, and add to our growing species list. Enjoy a comforting meal as the sun sets and the moon begins to rise. The day is certainly not over.
Tortoise Beetle

Night Activities:
After dinner before dusk on the first night, Matthew will demonstrate how a mercury vapor bulb and a blacklight work for attracting moths and other nocturnal insects. The group will run the light trap every night to ensure that no stone is unturned and every group member has the opportunity to see as many insects as possible. This technique will ensure that the sheet will be COVERED in moths and other insects most nights. Tamandua Expeditions is dedicated to ethical handling of wildlife and traps will be dismantled before dawn to prevent unnatural predation events by birds when the sun rises.
Night walks are an important part of experiencing biodiversity in the rainforest. After dinner everyone will have an opportunity to explore the forest at night seeking out nocturnal mammals, insects, and reptiles, and amphibians. Upon our return, the light traps should be teeming with life.
Collage by Matthew Nochisaki

Additional night activities:
  • Talks by other group members that outline different areas of subject matter expertise
  • Using Social media for science communication and conservation hosted by Matthew
  • Stargazing by the river 
  • iNaturalist demonstration
  • Enjoying the lounge area with your new friends and group members

Meals Included:
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Alta Sanctuary
Day 3-6: Explore, LEarn, Play
Meals Included:
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Hotel in Puerto Maldonado

After days of discovering insects and other jungle inhabitant, enjoy one last breakfast at Alta Sanctuary, one last morning of birds songs and forest noises. That day the group will make its way back to town, the exact reverse way from the way in. A boat ride, a dirt track road and lastly a paved road back to Puerto, where you will stay in a comfortable hotel in Puerto Maldonado.

A boat trip will be the first leg of your journey home
Day 8: Time to Fly
After one last night in Puerto Maldonado, it's time to fly to your next destination!
Day 1: Arrive in Puerto Maldonado
3/9/24: Arrive in Puerto Maldonado and stay overnight to prepare for traveling to the station.
A moody morning in Puerto Maldonado, Peru
Puerto Maldonado Hotel
3/10/24: You'll join the group on a car ride for about 3 hours to the river bank, then an hour boat ride through pristine rainforest directly to the station where the group will settle into their rooms and get acquainted with the station and surroundings. 
A rainy day on the road to Las Piedras
Meals Included:
Lunch, Dinner
Alta Sanctuary
In Puerto Maldonado, you'll stay in a modest but comfortable hotel. You will have your own room including wifi and a private bathroom.

In the jungle you will be staying at the Alta Sanctuary an exclusive lodge operated by Tamandua Expeditions. Our recently renovated lodge is nestled on the Las Piedras Watershed surrounded by 50,000 acres of primary rainforest protected by The Junglekeepers Rangers.

The station is equipped with cabanas that can accommodate three people and are setup with three beds including mosquito nets. Bathrooms are shared and are located within the main platform area. 

The living space is a common, generous open area that offers a kitchen, dining area, hammock and couch to relax between activities.

What's included
The trip includes:
  • Puerto Maldonado Hotel
  • Jungle Accommodations
  • Jungle Meals
  • Guides and Staff
  • Transportation to and from the jungle
  • Daily activities and excursions as indicated in the itinerary

Not included:
  • Airfare
  • Puerto Maldonado Meals
  • Travel Insurance (required to join the expedition)

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