Be a traveler, not a tourist. Experience the jungle hands-on.
Immerse yourself in nature like you can't anywhere else. Climb hundred year old trees, explore swamps, raft down river, and much more: our team will take you on the adventure of a lifetime.

We only work with local, indigenous experts. We don’t hire ‘guides’ to give ‘rainforest tours,’ instead, our staff has a deep and hard-earned knowledge of the environment we explore.

Our model is based on the idea that employing locals for jobs that protect rather than destroy the forest is an effective way to keep the jungle safe. That’s why our expeditions feel so different—because they are real. You are not visiting a place as a tourist, you are being invited to join us on our mission to protect the wildest places on earth.

When you are on a trip with our team, you are part of the team. We live together, experience the jungle together.

Our group in the middle of yet another adventure