Our Team
Holly O'DonnelL
Holly O’Donnell is a Scottish conservation biologist with 8 years of experience working as a researcher and guide in the Peruvian Amazon. Her work has taken her to Paraguay, Zimbabwe, Ecuador and Antarctica. 

Currently a PhD candidate at the University of Oxford, Holly specialises in large mammal and carnivore research. She has a particular interest in understudied and little-known species such as the short-eared dog. Holly also has a passion for reptiles and amphibians and is known as our “frog queen”. You will see her disappear off-trail during night walks and return with frogs from seemingly nowhere. 

She has led several reptile trips and has assisted Paul in searching for giant anacondas in the floating forest. Holly loves to share her passion for the rainforest and see others grow to feel the same. She will encourage and support you during your time with us so that you leave having had the best experience you could wish for.

Holly exploring streams in the rainforest
Ian Breland
Ian Breland is a Wildlife Filmmaker and Conservation Photographer with a burning passion for helping show others the Amazon's infinitely biodiverse ecosystems and the bottomless depths of adventure that the jungle provides. He is a Reptile and Amphibian specialist, with years of experience in the relentless pursuit of the ones that call the Peruvian Amazon home. Throughout his career Ian has amassed a wealth of knowledge and curiosity regarding all kinds of Neotropical flora & fauna, and will learn alongside you as we push forward into the unknown.

Paul Rosolie
Paul Rosolie is a naturalist, explorer, author, and award winning wildlife filmmaker. For the past 16 years he has specialized in threatened ecosystems and species in countries like Indonesia, Brazil, India, and Peru. In the Amazon, Rosolie has spent extensive time traveling with poachers documenting the illegal trade in endangered species. Rosolie’s memoir on Amazonian wildlife and exploration, “Mother of God”, was hailed as “gripping” by Jane Goodall, and the Wall Street Journal applauded Rosolie’s environmental call-to-arms for its ‘rare immediacy and depth’. In 2013 Rosolie spoke at the United Nations global Forum on Forests while accepting an award for his Amazonian wildlife short-film ‘An Unseen World”. He is the co-founder of Junglekeepers Peru an organization that focuses on protecting threatened habitat in western Amazonia. To date, Junglekeepers protects over 55,000 acres of primary forest.

Mohsin Kazmi
Mohsin Kazmi is a Co-founder of Tamandua Expeditions and Junglekeepers. His passion for conservation photography has taken him to forests all around the world. His work has been featured by Leonardo DiCaprio, Yale Environment 360, Mongabay, and TED. He has spent the last ten years learning the ways of the forest from indigenous people of the Madre de Dios. He has experience guiding travelers of all ages through the challenging and unexplored terrain of the Western Amazon. Mohsin recently completed his Master’s in Environmental Science & Policy at Johns Hopkins University. His interests include, plant diversity, herpetology, and aquatic diversity. He can set up a camera anywhere to get a great shot, and he will do it for you too.
Stephane thomas
Stephane is a Co-owner of Tamandua Expeditions and director of Junglekeepers. He has travelled all around the globe, from the Great Coral Reef in Australia to Everest base camp in Nepal, and has a passion for wildlife, photography and conservation. When not guiding trips in the rainforest or in the plains of Africa, he is highly involved with Tamandua logistics, helping organize and craft trips. He also loves to experiment with photography and even created an array of high quality camera traps to capture stunning images of near-impossible-to-see wildlife.
Prior to Tamandua, Stephane has guided countless youth groups around the world for more than 10 years, from the US National Parks to the Norwegian Fjord and Greek Islands. He truly loves sharing his passions and promote wildlife and conservation whenever he can.