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Exclusive Jungle Experience with Paul Rosolie

Embark on an Unparalleled Adventure: a One of a Kind Trip in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest with Paul Rosolie
6 Days
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? Our exclusive trips have great level of confort, ideal for all. Our camp base is in the wilderness yet provides the comfort from modern lodge with 24/7 electricity, WiFi and private bathroom.
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? You do moderate activities throughout the expedition. You should be in good health and physically active. Daily activities may include hiking, boat rides, swamp exploration, wildlife viewing and more.
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Expedition Overview
Embark on an Unparalleled Adventure: a Luxury Trip in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest with Paul Rosolie

Experience the Enchanting Beauty of the Remote Peruvian Rainforest

Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime journey deep into the heart of the world's most awe-inspiring and pristine rainforest, the Peruvian Amazon. Guided by none other than the celebrated conservationist and explorer, Paul Rosolie, your exclusive adventure promises to be an extraordinary encounter with nature and wildlife, all set against the backdrop of the Alta Sanctuary lodge.

Accommodations Fit for the Adventurous and Refined

During this 5-night escapade, you will find your refuge in the Alta Sanctuary Lodge, a hidden gem nestled within the dense foliage of the Peruvian Amazon. For four nights, you'll reside in a thoughtfully restored cabin, which once served as the Las Piedras Biodiversity Station, it has been authentically reimagined, seamlessly blending with its jungle surroundings, creating an environment that embodies the true spirit of the rainforest. Expect to be captivated by the seamless blend of the jungle surroundings and the rustic charm of this original structure. You'll sleep to the gentle sounds of the rainforest, ensuring a restful experience.

A Night Amongst the Canopy

As a pinnacle of this extraordinary journey, one night will be spent in the tallest treehouse in the Amazon rainforest. Suspended high above the forest floor, this luxurious treehouse offers unparalleled views of the jungle's mesmerizing canopy. Admire the breathtaking scenery while indulging in the ultimate comfort, and be lulled to sleep by the serene sounds of the Amazon night.

Guided by the Renowned Paul Rosolie

Your adventure wouldn't be complete without the expertise and passion of Paul Rosolie, an internationally renowned naturalist, author, and conservationist. As your private guide and host, Paul will lead you through this magnificent wilderness, sharing his profound knowledge of the region's flora and fauna, as well as his dedication to preserving this critical ecosystem.

Discover a World of Wonder

During your luxury expedition, you'll have the chance to explore the depths of the pristine Peruvian rainforest, discovering its remarkable biodiversity, from vibrant butterflies to elusive anteater. With Paul's guidance, you will embark on jungle treks, embark on serene river cruises, and even experience the thrill of night walks, unveiling the secrets of the Amazon's nocturnal wonders.

Unwind and Savor the Flavors of the Amazon

After a day filled with adventure, return to the Alta Sanctuary Lodge, where you can relax and rejuvenate. Delight in meals featuring local and sustainable ingredients, prepared by our skilled chef. 

Reserve Your Place in Paradise

Escape to a world where the Amazon's remote, pristine beauty unfolds at your doorstep, and where every moment is an opportunity for discovery and wonder. With Paul Rosolie as your guide, experience a journey beyond imagination and into the heart of this breathtaking rainforest. Book your exclusive luxury trip today and prepare to be enchanted by the wonders of the Peruvian Amazon like never before.
Day 1: Travel to our lodge deep in the Amazon rainforest
Be ready in Puerto Maldonado early morning. Paul will pick you up early to start our journey to the rainforest. We will be traveling on the interoceanic highway and later onto a small and unpaved road. It is from this road that we reach the remote jungle settlement of Lucerna. From here, you will enjoy a peaceful and eye-opening boat ride up river to our luxury treehouse. 

You will then be free to join Paul for a walk along the extensive trail system, which is a great way to spot wildlife. Feast your eyes on the gigantic trees as our guides lead you through pristine rainforest, allowing the you to get familiar with their surroundings. 
Meals Included:
Lunch, Dinner
Alta Sanctuary
Day 2 to 5: Explore the Rainforest!
The mornings begin with a chorus of avian songs from all around you. Then enjoy morning hikes, quietly walking through the forest to get a chance to see more wildlife. You will have the chance to walk the forest, and the many diverse environments it has to offer. With the use of trails you will have access to many rare species of flora and fauna. A unique feature located a boat ride from the treehouse is the macaw clay lick where you will have a chance to see hundreds of macaw, parakeets, and other beautifully ornamented birds.

Paul can also lead night hikes for you. Night walks in the Amazon are an exhilarating experience, and yield an incredible wealth of nocturnal life. Many different types of reptiles, amphibians, and other mammal life are easier to view when the sun sets — you never know what you will find. Feel the excitement, and hear the sounds of the rainforest come alive at night!

There is a lot to do in the jungle. Our days will also include a variety of activities to choose from:
-Stream walks
-Macaw viewing
-Star gazing
-Boating/wildlife watching on the river
-Tree climb
-Swamp Exploration
Meals Included:
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Alta Sanctuary
Day 6: Head out!
Last morning in the jungle, last awakening from the heart of the forest. 

It's time to get back to civilization, get refreshed and recover from the expedition! 

Back in Puerto, our team will take you out for one last dinner and get you setup in your hotel for one last night before flying out.
Meals Included:
Breakfast, Lunch
Stay in Alta Sanctuary and spend 4 nights in the renovated research station:

And for one night out of the 5 you will spend in the jungle, enjoy the incredible world unique Treehouse. 

There is only one place like this one Earth. And you get to experience it.

What's included
- Pickup In Puerto Maldonado
- Jungle Accommodations
- Guides and Staff
- Jungle Meals
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