The Tamandua Experience

Travel with purpose
Be a traveler, not a tourist
Make your travel count
With Tamandua Expeditions you don't only discover extraordinary places, you live them up close, you get in knee deep, all the while supporting some of the last pristine wilderness out there.
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South Africa
An immersive Safari with conservation experts
10/20/22 to 10/30/22 & 1 more
New Dates
Tamandua Premium: Lago Soledad Luxury
See an Ancient Oxbow Lake from the Comfort of your Private Cabin
Operation Malinowski
Help support an ex-miners mission to protect the pristine tributaries of the Malinowski River
Reconnect With Nature
Explore in the Amazon Rainforest
Junglekeepers Trip
Experience the front lines of protecting Amazonia
Executive Retreats
Where leaders converge & reconnect
Singinawa Jungle Lodge & Kanha Tiger Reserve
Explore in Comfort
Panama Beachside Adventure
Jungles, Rivers, and Beaches!