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South Africa Up Close

An immersive Safari with conservation experts
02/13/23 to 02/22/23
10 Days
Trip Type
? Our expeditions have rudimentary level of confort. Our camp base is remote in the wilderness and so you should be prepared to be away from cellular network and WiFi, with sporadic access to electricity during your stay.
Activity Level
? You do moderate activities throughout the expedition. You should be in good health and physically active. Daily activities may include hiking, boat rides, swamp exploration, wildlife viewing and more.
Group Size
Expedition Overview
This is a chance to join the front lines of conservation. Elephants, white rhinos, and the critically endangered black rhino are just some of the millions of incredible species protected on this stunning reserve. On the ground with VETPAW (Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife) you'll also see giraffe, wildebeest, antelope, warthogs, zebra and so many more of the African highlight species. But just like with all Tamandua trips, the center focus here is meaningful support to crucial conservation. VETPAW allows these large, threatened pachyderm species to remain safe. You joining this trip will allow their work to continue. By joining this trip, you are literally helping to keep elephants and rhinos safe. We'll be joining the VETPAW team on patrols, camera trapping missions, anti-poaching walks, and potentially even getting to get hands on with one of the largest elephants on the reserve: Dingane.

Dingane is a huge elephant despite being only 20 years old. He is special because he carries the Large Tusker gene, a trait that has been almost hunted out on the eastern cape. Today because of human hunting so many elephants have smaller tusks, some have no tusks, and this is due to the constant human culling of elephants over the last few centuries. But now we have a chance to remove Dingane's collar, help expert veterinarians check his vitals, and release him into the wild to go spread his big tusk genes. This is perhaps the most exciting thing we've ever offered.

Zebra between the giants

Your immersive safari will leave you with a true appreciation for the magnificent beauty of African wildlife, and the realizations of the imminent threats to their survival. Most importantly, you will head back home with a sense of confidence in these animals’ continued safety and a sense of achievement for taking part in such a crucial task.

Cheetah on high alert

The reserve you will be visiting is a scenic 20,000+ hectare wildlife area diverse with flora, fauna, and ecology. This protected region is in the beautiful Eastern Cape of South Africa, with panoramic views of one of the most beautiful ecosystems in the country. It is home to many iconic animal species, including Elephant, Black and White Rhino, Cape Buffalo, Leopard, Cheetah, Hippopotamus, and a wide range of exotic antelope.

During the trip, the group will take part in a number of different activities. Each day's activities will be determined by expedition guides depending on conditions on the ground. During the week you will take part in such things as:

- Game Drives
- Sunset Drives
- Rhino Monitoring
- Cheetah Monitoring 
- Elephant Tracking
- Visit to Yendella Community
- Visit to Bathurst Community
- Fence Line Checks
- Snare Patrol Checks

The guides and staff will be focused on giving the group the best possible experience during the expedition.  You will have a trip of a lifetime while getting hands-on conservation experience with some of the most critically endangered species in the world!
South Africa Up Close
An immersive Safari with conservation experts